I like chocolate, books, and occasionally writing about things that I feel strongly enough to share with others. People are fun, too (sometimes).

Welcome to the Driver’s Seat

The doctor looked at me skeptically. “So, you’re sure everything’s okay?” I remember giving a shaky, hesitant nod, suddenly reevaluating my life and how everything has been for the past month or so. I was at my much overdue appointment with my primary care physician for a general physical checkup. She looked back at the … Continue reading Welcome to the Driver’s Seat

Neglected Advice

When I was a sophomore, I decided to take an Intro to Social Psychology course at my university. My psychology instructor (a woman named Kenji who had a great sense of style by the way) gave us a piece of advice that stuck to me for some reason. We were learning about the idea of … Continue reading Neglected Advice


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